Do not ignore the small business customers

children do not have the ability to buy, many shopkeepers are easy to ignore, I do not know, such a special customer groups, but it is possible to bring a very big business shop oh. In the US, there are many retail customers operating eyes only staring at those young customers, think they have the economic base, consumption ability is also very strong, but ignore the service work for those younger customers, and thus miss opportunities.

In fact,

is a big market for small customers. This kind of consumer groups contains great consumption potential, is a huge consumer market in department stores and supermarkets and other large stores, we found that there are many goods and children, and in many supermarkets also specially for children add some warm and considerate service facilities. The purpose is to attract customers in these small stores consumption.

we see that now the young couple don’t treat their children as "babies"". The customer’s daily expenses, usually to a large proportion of total household consumption expenditure, so there is a great potential consumer market, as long as we can effectively seize these small operators customer consumption opportunities, will be a great harvest, on the other hand, businesses will lose the opportunity to make money.

reminds me of an example, it was a Sunday afternoon before the Spring Festival, and I was so busy for a few days. At this time his son to accompany him to go to the streets to buy some snacks, as has been four in the afternoon, I would like to pick a supermarket closer to home, and his son just went to the supermarket door, but refused to go in. Said: "I’m not going to the supermarket, those who shop are with me two bags of sweets last time, want to call my mother to buy, shop owner immediately called me down, as if I can’t afford to buy it,!" I don’t know how to do it, but I have to go with him to a supermarket far away from home.

then I thought, do business can be careful everywhere, against an obscure villain, maybe can destroy a big business, bring their own losses. Yes, in actual operation, there are many retail customers who don’t have these little friends in the eye, even some of them not only against a contemptuous disregard, adults and children, but also ruined the future business, too late for regrets.

remember once went to the terminal market to interview a successful business owner, the boss surnamed xie. He had a little chat with me, and saw a young woman with a baby in the door. At this time, thank the boss hurriedly smile greeted, and readily from the candy box take two lollipop, hand one handed the little friend, the mouth is also not to boast the little girl is beautiful, know the etiquette, the young woman zhikua bags in the wild with joy, he bought one hundred. The food just give up. Two small sugar, a few words of good, the achievement of a business, just look at the dark

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