How to operate a hotel. – the whole characteristics

Internet era is the need for talent, the need is to have the ability to innovate high-quality talent, talent market. Food and beverage market is based on the theme of the consumer groups, it should be so. Only the characteristics of food and beverage brands to attract consumers. But how can you make your characteristic dining popularity? Has a direct relationship with your business approach.

so how to manage a good hotel?

, a restaurant located on the dishes (broad concept), eight schools China, according to cooking skills and so on, and barbecue food, powder, and Western-style food etc.. There are so many, but what is your restaurant is mainly based on large dishes, and what is the characteristics of this aspect you want to determine. But also to consider the current "food".

two, the site is very important to open the store location, decoration is very important, very important source of food safety is more important. Not only to sell their own food, but also to win the reputation of customers, to attract more repeat customers, so that it will not become a one-time sale".

three, the opening of the restaurant to highlight the characteristics of the place where there will be food demand, there is no kind of lot is absolutely good, absolutely bad, the key is to see if there is no one to. This location is the location of the key, he said: don’t be greedy to do dishes all over the world, know what you want, what your customers want, how much money in his pocket, where the core competitiveness from? This is the premise of positioning, if you don’t know what you want, and blindly follow suit, the no more natural odds.

four, reasonable operation.

journey, not only to expand the shop at the beginning. Large scale business is in their own economic strength and management experience under the premise; if you do not have these conditions or immature, it is recommended that you start with a tourist food store start. Because if you simply want to do bigger, the greater the risk of commitment.

five, a reasonable price of food store store clean and tidy, the pursuit of food taste, the price advantage, the enthusiasm of the service or not, these are competing with their peers to pay attention to. Everyone wants to buy inexpensive products, if you do not have the price, then let their services become a reason to attract customers. This not only earned money, but also earned popularity, for long-term development to do the groundwork.

six, on the management of food stores to join the attention! Do not shop in front of the customer reprimanded the clerk or quarrel, a good shopping environment will greatly enhance your turnover.

seven, customer first want to open a good restaurant, it is necessary to pay attention to each

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