The business of the whole – Zhang Yongwang

how to be able to open a hot shop, which is currently plagued by a lot of people. If you also have this aspect of distress, may wish to look at some successful people are how to run the shop. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce Zhang Yongwang’s business, to see how he is running a hot shop.

Lao Zhang called Zhang Yongwang, he gave his shop named Wang Chun food store. Place is not large, slightly biased position, but after the care of Lao Zhang, became a veritable shop wang. Someone asked him, said Zhang you have what the business is also to tell us about. Lao Zhang waved his hand and said nothing ah. Ask urgently, it summed up two to us, one is to do one thing when, in the main, or Friendliness is conducive to business success. After listening to this, understand the people can not help but thumbs up.

Zhang is 61 years old this year, he worked as a dry goods store apprentice, ran in the auto factory building materials, after retirement, opened a grocery store, a near twenty years. He is not tall, but very tough, of wrinkled face sharp edges and corners, but it is very peaceful, really, we call him Lao zhang.

Zhang of the little shops, everywhere into very good, in order to put the goods. In order to save the children, Zhang specifically asked people to make a smoke cabinet, hanging on the wall is very eye-catching. Goods and not chaos, in this regard, Zhang is a bit of thought. No matter how the weather temperature, every day, Zhang is open as usual, and earlier than everyone else, came a sweep of a sweep, all the furnishings in the house to clean up again.

keep ready rag, until the bright and looked at the agile just walked to the gate, to greet the neighbors to work one by one. This is a little awkward as Zhang Qin form, at the age of ten he was in a dry cargo store in Tianjin as an apprentice at the beginning, not into the house, ice cold in the end a spade fried chestnut, suffered as a result of the crime, but also to a very alert deal by observant and alert.

Lao Zhang can not only endure hardship, but also special care. Every day he did not light the first to the market, the most fresh goods to sell back. For those door-to-door delivery, he is the business Richard strict quality inspection, to others, to the industrial and commercial registration, certification, there is little doubt that under no till the cows come home. In his shop, you can’t find a brand-name goods sub. To go out with his wife Zhang tube into a box turtle spirit, exquisite packaging is on the level, the key is the price is not expensive.

which was back Zhang a scolding, say you don’t know, on TV exposure, the entire factory could not find a turtle, turtle which come what! Hurry back to him! Delivery advised him to say that you are afraid of what, we all sell, the profit is still large, he replied: sell can sell, I’m afraid people poke my spine! Because of this, he dealt with wholesale customers, said, "this man is really stubborn". There is also a year of milk powder incident, but also his first to be >

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