Rhine River bakery brand details

Rhine River bakery belonging to the Guangzhou food chain Co., Sn, Sn insist on natural health brand philosophy, rigorous attitude and excellence of taste. In 2010 Mr Hohenstaufen and Sn brand cooperation, and jointly promote the "Rhine River" brand development in the Chinese. The founder has over 30 years of experience accumulation of Sn in the baking industry, years of in-depth baking market, grasp industry trends, and constantly improve the strategic objectives. 2011 successy achieved from the traditional to the modern, from the end to the high-end, the transformation of a strong, open a direct business chain to join the development of the strategic transformation of the road.

[Rhine riverside] [

Rhine River brand believes that only good products will be in the market for the brand, the headquarters for three years in terms of product development and improvement of market promotion efforts, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the brand. The Hohenstaufen family in Europe’s successful business model is copied to the Chinese market combined with Chinese market localization, in Southern China opened more than and 30 stores market test, summed up a set of successful business model. Today, the Rhine River brand with excellent bread products to conquer the vast number of domestic consumers, enterprises have developed rapidly.

[Rhine riverside shop level]

venture shop: brand equity 59 thousand and 800 yuan + management fee of $3600 / year

image store: brand equity 109 thousand and 800 yuan + management fee of $9600 / year

VIP store: brand equity 189 thousand and 800 yuan + management fee of $18000 / year

flagship store: brand equity 339 thousand and 800 yuan + management fee of $30000 / year

diamond shop: brand equity 669 thousand and 800 yuan + management fee of $42000 / year

Rhine workshop: brand equity + gold 1 million 699 thousand and 800 yuan management fee 100000 yuan / year

[Rhine river conditions]

must be a natural person over 18 years of age, with independent civil capacity

has a certain economic strength, a good social reputation and serious attitude to work

has the professionalism, the brand identity of the corporate culture, with headquarters management

is willing to accept the operation and management training

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