Join the Mengzi source is to choose authentic green health

Mengzi source? In the food and beverage market, the choice of business to engage in the ranks of food, is a very wise choice. High quality delicious, successful business, worthy of trust. Mengzi source to join it? The best choice for small business!


on the source of this brand, many consumers are familiar with, but there are still many consumers on the source of Mengzi is not very understanding, today Xiaobian bring everyone together to learn about some of the basic situation of Mengzi source, I hope you can get. Select the source of Mengzi, select authentic cross bridge rice noodle, green and healthy, delicious taste.

Mengzi source company was founded in November 28, 2001, is a focus on the bridge across the national restaurant chain brand enterprises. Mengzi will be a widely spread, the legend of the bridge noodle, evolved into legend delicious. The source of Mengzi in Southern China, East China, central and southwest, North China set up branch company, after 13 years of development, already has more than and 300 stores in China, more than and 60 City, the existing staff of more than 5 thousand people, to provide catering services for 100000 customers every day.

for thirteen years, Mengzi has more than and 200 years of traditional culture as the source of " " international bridge; injection and fashion elements, leading the new trend of Chinese fast food with national characteristics, " has become the first brand " rice noodle. The company has achieved " enthusiastic about commonweal advanced unit, " " China market franchise brand of choice for " " Dongguan City Food Industry Association unit, " " Guangdong province Chain Management Association executive director units, quot & "; Chinese cooking association unit, " " Guangdong 2010-2012 food chain brand fifty strong " " 2011-2012; Guangdong’s most influential restaurant brands, " " Guangdong 2011-2012 annual ten brand " honor.

we all know that a healthy market is our best choice, but also the sunrise industry. Entrepreneurial choice to join the source project in Mengzi, open a source of their own stores in Mengzi, a simple way to join the success of the venture is worthy of trust! So, what are you hesitating about?

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