Du Guoli’s golden house

a lot of people reading, may be a dead reading, just use the knowledge in the book, in fact, opportunities are everywhere, as long as know how to use, do not have to always look for from, also can get rich, there is a real example. In the vicinity of Tsinghua University, the owner of an ancient Bookstore attracted everyone’s attention, he is Du Guoli, a worker from a site to the ancient book store owner.

was born in Hebei Chengde farmer family of Du Guoli the eldest. In 1989, have not graduated from junior high school, at the age of 16, he came to Beijing with uncle hunfanchi site. Young, no skills, Du Guoli can only play, move bricks, and mud, earn 180 yuan a month. This life lasted 1 years. And all workers, Du Guoli’s biggest goal is to make money, but he was not at ease to sell coolies.

since Buchoumai, Du Guoli began to increase the amount of purchase, and rented a room near Guanganmen Wanquansi village. How to open a bookstore? In the early 90s of last century, by selling old magazines, he can guarantee a monthly income of one thousand or two thousand yuan. A year later, Du Guoli became a happy million households, pumping imported cigarette, eating out, in addition to earn enough money to send home a part, he rest in the bank.

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