Fujian, Pingtan entrepreneurs will be held at the junction of the experimentation area + FTA cited c

now the country are pushing people to entrepreneurial activities, at the same time, some areas in the China also set up some more suitable for business people in Fujian Pingtan only experimentation area, experimentation area + as well as the development of free trade zone now attracts people’s attention.

"when Pudong, Pingtan today." Su Shulin, governor of Fujian Province, said in a speech at the meeting, Pingtan open development is a national strategy, the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to. General secretary Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders repeatedly made important instructions. Since the establishment of Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area. In the context of the country’s economic downward pressure on the development of Pingtan contrarian, in January to GDP this year, an increase of 11.9%.

"at just the right time to invest in Pingtan. We will strive to create a business environment in line with international standards to better serve the development of enterprises and projects." Su Shulin said.

Taiwan "Chinese trust Vc firms" Chairman Wang Zhigang in the matchmaking speech said that the first time to Pingtan, feeling quite scientific planning of Pingtan development. Pingtan is the most prominent feature of taiwan. I believe that Pingtan will achieve better development under the opportunity of "two zones".


matchmaking Taiwan element agglomeration. Taiwan project signing and intention of the project in a higher proportion, of which 15 contracted projects, the intention of the project 17.

"the our company and Pingtan experimentation area CMC signed a cooperation agreement, the future will invest 200 million yuan, the development of Taiwan commodity import, wholesale sales and logistics business in Pingtan." Tao Juncheng, vice president of Pingtan Taiwanese Association, general manager of Pingtan Trading Co., Ltd.

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