Fuzhou launched 10 measures of public innovation and Entrepreneurship

business need to have some good policy support, local governments to promote entrepreneurship process have launched many new business policy, since recently, Fuzhou has introduced 10 measures to help people start.

"opinions" proposed to actively promote the innovation and entrepreneurship carrier construction emphasis, resource gathering, professional services, distinctive, completed before the end of 2017, more than 20 homes built before 2020 more than 40 public record space.

to start demonstration base, finance will arrange special funds to give each of not less than 1 million yuan reward; entrepreneurial innovation public school places for the establishment of not less than 1000 square meters, the main business to absorb more than 10 households or more, giving each of not more than 500 thousand yuan of subsidies from the city of Fuzhou with special employment funds; the municipal public record space, given early construction grant funds 100 thousand yuan, once again enjoy the financial support of related follow-up, the difference in part to be filled; on the national level, in line with the conditions of the provincial and Municipal Bureau of Fuzhou city science and technology incubator, were given a one-time 1 million yuan, 500 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan reward, to meet the conditions of the provincial small micro enterprises, the Fuzhou Municipal Commission by letter to give a one-time subsidy of 150 thousand yuan.

the establishment of research personnel two-way flow mechanism, encourage state-owned enterprises and institutions of scientific research personnel undergo entrepreneurship, support the major municipal colleges, occupation technical school, Scientific Research Institute senior researchers led the team to participate in the enterprise collaborative innovation, and give a living allowance.

for high-level talent and returnees with technology, projects and funding to Fuzhou entrepreneurial innovation, said it would give the corresponding housing security, resettlement and other support to implement the views of their spouses and children.

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