5 steps to success in your entrepreneurial thinking

entrepreneurship is a choice for many young people, like the pursuit of fashion. Now, you may walk a few blocks in the big city will inadvertently discovered a venture accelerator. Although the start-up company is the core of the new economic era, but you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it is still difficult. This means that you have to create a strong motivation to achieve your business philosophy.

1.  found for each problem you can solve it to find people. You have discovered the problem, but that does not mean that you are the right person to solve the problem. For the firm of entrepreneurs, the problem is the opportunity to solve the problem must be more important than their own. Don’t limit yourself, there may be a way to help you solve the problem, but first you have to find the right person to solve the problem. It takes you to search diligently.

2.  talk to all the people you know. Your motivation to start a business grows exponentially in conversation. In the early stages of the entrepreneurial process, it will bring others to pull in, you will get a huge profit. This does not mean that user feedback. You can buy user feedback for money, but you can’t buy people who are willing to invest in you and your business. Make friends from the beginning, you can build trust with your potential brand supporters.

3.  do everything you can to understand the industry. People listen to experts. So make yourself an expert. To study the product map. Knowledge makes one confidence, faith produces faith. You have to do so, so that people not only have confidence in your brand, but also believe that your brand will be suitable for them.

4.  low fidelity prototype. Develop a prototype your friend can test. It does not need to be high-tech, in fact, the simpler the worse the better. Inferior models can also tap into better technologies. Or make a simple website, even if it is composed of simple strokes, limit yourself to do it within a week. You don’t need developers at this early stage, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Building such a low fidelity prototype shows that you can create from scratch.

5.  ask yourself, why are you doing this here?. Do you want to change the world? Do you want to know Richard · (  Richard  Branson) do you want to make your former colleagues and lovers jealous?. By chance, you will find yourself in the ordinary life and the movie "the rest of the island" in the Tom · the situation between the Hanks. Do you have any idea about this? If you fail, is the perfect solution worth exploring? Don’t think too hard about your future. Be aware of your position and the above problem

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