Beijing 2016 minimum wage increase

for enterprise employees friends, good news came. Recently, the Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau issued an opinion, in 2016 the minimum wage increase in Beijing, 2016 Beijing minimum wage? Let’s look at the following xiaobian.

2016 industry wage guidelines issued in Beijing. Beijing human social security bureau, said the guide line involving 19 industries. Among them, the minimum wage line 21320 yuan, according to reports, industry wage guidelines are calculated according to the enterprises in the same industry in 2015 the average enterprise employees overall relationship between labor remuneration and the average sales revenue curve.

City human IESS said

, industry guide lines in the provisions of the minimum wage line, this year is 21320 yuan, according to the minimum wage since September 1st this year to 1890 yuan / month and 8 months before the minimum wage standard is 1720 yuan / month to calculate the comprehensive annual level, last year the figure was 20160 yuan. The minimum wage guarantee line is mainly used to indicate the necessary per capita sales income of the enterprise in the production and operation of a normal enterprise. The minimum wage security line according to the loss of the industry, sales of enterprises, employees and other labor remuneration data. The proportion of labor remuneration to the sales revenue is closer to the warning line, and the enterprise is closer to the loss.

Wage guidelines

the release of the industry involved 19 industries including food manufacturing industry; general equipment manufacturing; electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing; computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry; instrument manufacturing industry; automobile manufacturing; housing construction; engineering construction; building decoration industry; wholesale industry; retail; retail business; retail; transportation; Internet and related services; Turist Hotel industry; real estate business; property management industry; publishing industry. These industries can be based on the industry wage guidelines to measure the average wage level of workers this year.


City 2 million 340 thousand enterprises retired personnel replacement pension

yesterday, the need for a replacement for the Beijing enterprise retirees 8 months of basic pension has been credited to the account. Involving 2 million 340 thousand people can go to the bank to receive. According to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in August 10th, the city human IESS announced retirement pension scheme for enterprise retirees in 2016, the average level of basic pensions for retirees of enterprises in Beijing increased to 3573 yuan per month. Raised from January this year to implement.

reporter yesterday in the bank on behalf of the generation, did not appear to queue up to receive pension phenomenon, but to do business in the white hair habitat. From the pension deposit has been received, the reporter found that there are two money account. A marked as "based on" recommended

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