Delicacy delegation smitten with a monthly income of one hundred thousand small business stalls

"smoke, beautiful face partly hidden and partly visible fragrance overflowing, slender fingers; and thick pig’s trotters side by side……" the store clerk was grilled pig’s trotters beauty netizens called "pig’s trotters beauty". The scent of a long queue at the entrance of the shop, these teams blocked the road, pedestrians had to detour!

see this picture, my heart began to whisper, the roast pig’s trotters have so delicious? Curious I joined the team as long, about half an hour, finally see the scene inside the shop, just a little bit closer, a whiff of perfume on the nostrils, see a pig’s trotters lying on the grill, fire continues to emit a buzzing sound, looked at the appetite!

"Hefei love hardcore", this is the shop owner Wang realized after business failure. Last year, she made a "small fresh" for selling snacks, thanks to lose everything. Start after the defeat she found that Hefei people prefer salty, spicy, sweet, meat, when Fang Yan baked pig’s trotters unpopular at the time, she realized that the roast pig’s trotters is a good opportunity, "however, Fang Yan baked pig’s trotters competition is too big, so I chose the project now".

in hand, can scarcely wait a bite on! I have to say it’s delicious! Pig’s trotters tender crisp skin, fleshy Q elastic strength, muscle elastic teeth, very chewy, soft and waxy, fat but not greasy, fragrant!

field a diner told reporters that he is listening to a friend, who came to the party on. Such a hot roast or popular pig’s trotters, often worth mentioning, ultimately, taste is really good. Chowhound, hurry to try!

Project: Emperor Xian pig roast pig’s trotters

features: Hardcore the gravy recipe

monthly income: 100 thousand yuan

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