Chongqing lottery send you 20 thousand to help you easily start

"pie in the sky" to send money to you, but also to help you easily start a business, it is true that the uproar? It is said that the Chongqing lottery has launched such an event, and the following Xiaobian together to find out the truth of the matter!

want to venture, but suffer from no entrepreneurial projects, no business skills, no start-up funds? Now, these are not all problems in Chongqing to provide free lottery business projects, skills training and the highest 20 thousand yuan venture capital support, help the majority of people have the entrepreneurial intention of "zero" started to easily achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

"micro lottery business" includes project promotion, business training, and sales promotion, Chongqing lottery will start from the middle of the pre training, business support, and later for three aspects of the sales assistance, provide a full range of "nanny" entrepreneurial support for entrepreneurs!

not only that, "micro lottery business activity has three characteristics: three

is a small investment, big returns, a person can be a shop business, a monthly income of 100 thousand is not a dream;

two is a small risk, big support, to entrepreneurs free of charge to provide operating equipment, skills training, as well as up to 20 thousand yuan of business support funds;

three is a small project, a large public interest, the management of a sports lottery store to create a great cause of life, but also for the country to raise a large number of public welfare funds, make a great contribution to the cause of public welfare.

for less money, do not want to take the risk of a friend, lottery is a good small investment business. Help you easily achieve entrepreneurship, open the road to the wealth of life. Send you 20 thousand, easy to help you when the boss, there will be a friend to seize the time!

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