How to join Michelle ice beverage shop

is now the rise of the market compared to the kind of franchise business model, of course, roughly the same form of franchise, and this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the food and beverage industry. The development of food and beverage industry space, especially the characteristics of of food brands, it is easy to start businesses shop choice. Michelle City store join, distinctive brand, with authentic drinks and elegant decoration environment, bring a good place for leisure for people. Here, look at how Michelle joined with the introduction of ice?.

to join Michelle ice drink shop

first, the intention franchisees can by telephone or online consultation, for the project to conduct a comprehensive understanding, of course, only through the one-sided understanding is not enough, the franchisee can make an appointment to visit the headquarters of the company and enhance mutual understanding, fill out the application form of joint venture;

franchisee and the headquarters of the exchange of views, view join the manual and other information to confirm the entry, the headquarters for the franchisee to assess the qualifications, whether to join the conditions. Continue to carry out comprehensive investigation and research for stores, headquarters for the franchisee stores after the audit, both sides have the intention to join, can sign the contract intent, store, store and district audit;

after the signing of the contract, is the official entry of the project. The headquarters of the store planning, the overall design for the franchisee stores, franchisees in the company to provide professional theory, products and equipment training, y ready, will be officially opened later to make money, the headquarters has been to provide a professional business guide.

Michelle City store process as described above, the merchant only in satisfying basis, can through the headquarters and headquarters audit, to establish a good cooperative relationship with its entrepreneurial support and help comprehensive, open their own future success. Do you want to start a business easily?.

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