China’s children’s clothing market has great development space

With the relaxation of

two-child policy, will the children’s market potential future will show the development trend of new, now as a child on the market the most representative of the industry, children’s consumption showed more than two digit growth, children’s clothing has become a new growth point of apparel industry, with further increase of household income, and city residents gradually reached a well-off standard of living, China’s market demand has been from the past to meet the basic practical life began to fashion the pursuit of beauty, part of the economic developed city, consumer demand for children with trend and brand trend.

1, fabric design to grasp the trend is not accurate, old, single color, pattern color, design of adult serious slow updates. In the design of functional fabric is the lack of research and development for children’s clothing demand;

2, the fabric quality, poor environmental protection, poor color fastness, color difference, serious shrink rate, feel and permeability can not meet the requirements of high grade clothing production;

3, not in bulk children adapt to the requirements of the production enterprises, with the increasingly personalized market demand also has gap. Delivery time is relatively long. And children’s clothing, such as the small order customers, customer relationships and services are relatively poor.

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