How to make the promotion more effective


now in order to improve profits, almost every shop will take related promotional activities, after all, is the most efficient store promotion to enhance the popularity of the most effective methods, but the premise is must know the promotion method, otherwise it may backfire. So, how can we make the promotion more effective? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

1, do a good job before the promotion of publicity.

" wine is also afraid of deep alley, " good promotion of consumers do not know, only " " stillborn;. Do a good job of promotional work before the promotion is to achieve the purpose of the premise.

generally speaking, the radiation of a store because of the strength of their own strengths and weaknesses of the size of the Department, in addition to the scope of the scope of the store propaganda work can only be a waste of money, and can not play any essential role. Promotion should be within the scope of the scope of the store for target consumers.

for the strength of the beauty shop, can be applied to TV broadcast advertising, media information, the full range of multi-channel transmission to consumers, but the general small and medium-sized stores need not go to war, " " distributed leaflets in the shop around, make full use of in store radio, posters, signage and other resources, or the use of propaganda car other tools, can achieve the corresponding goal. Nowadays, many of the store’s promotional policies " gently to " and " gently to " in the crowd " can not afford a ripple ", nature also can not reach the purpose of promoting popularity.

2, clever promotion policy

promotion way is reasonable or not directly related to the promotion effect is good or bad, in the formulation of the promotion policy, we must first carries on the investigation to the target customer market, have a grasp of the whole, and then targeted to formulate corresponding policies, so as to receive the good effect.

(1), low attract

" creative drugstore boss put " a price of 200 yuan to sell ointment, special price 80 yuan, the news people stampede in, so the pharmacy of fame, Business Flourishes, bustling. The more the ointment is sold, the more it seems to be a deficit, but in fact the pharmacy has reached an unprecedented level of profitability. The reason is that people who come to buy ointment, think that the store is also the cheapest of other drugs, all the way to buy some, while other drugs profit is far from the ointment of the deficit. A loss is a win-win, pharmacy visibility, and earn money, pharmacies can be described as fame and fortune.

(2), the use of gifts

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