How to join the restaurant

restaurant is now doing more popular projects, the advantages of this project is significant, support a lot, it has been a lot of attention of consumers, it is worth looking forward to a good brand. Food and beverage industry is a big industry, want to join the restaurant is also a certain skill, the following small series for you to introduce how to join the restaurant?

open the hotel required documents are:

1, join the restaurant how to do? Business address must be the store room (operating room), non commercial housing as a business site; and lease contract, if its own store room, the original property and the use of free proof of use;

The original

2, operator ID card, if it is active operation provides the floating population have proved that two photos

3, employee minimum two person health certificate

4, join the restaurant how to do? Store location of the housing structure.

5, company name and business scope, investment.

since the positioning and pure hand rolling surface, you must let the guests really feel your purity. In order to do a good job in this spot, in the name of the decoration process, specially made of transparent glass into the operating room, in the face of a busy street. Join the restaurant how to do? Through such a design, I hope the strangers can be seen wearing a clean Chef Uniform in Shougan, and formed a more profound memory of the symbol! At the same time, in the Shougan operating room side, there is a genuine Village stone used to grind the surface, thus once again to strengthen the memory of past guests.


above is to join some matters need to pay attention to the restaurant, I hope you have a lot of attention to, think clearly, so join the shop to get a good income, want to join the shop, to consult to join! Allows you to generate unlimited income, support a lot of good to join.

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