Some basic entrepreneurial experience sharing network

Now the

network business is becoming very popular, more and more young people began when the first venture will look to the whole business network, at the same time in the online business also has a lot of good business experience to share.

More and more information of potential customers

1. you can get their attention, and resources are limited, so you must try to provide free information useful to their life or business, to get their attention resources, and reached the final goal of buying.

2. regularly sends emails to your customers and potential customers via email.

3. if your business is national or international, it is necessary to build a world wide web site.


"is actually a do not close your storefront, the premise in your website marketing efforts to foot, can be 24 hours a day to your potential customers to promote your products or services. Such as e-commerce matures, it can also deal with business 24 hours a day. At that time, you will be able to truly realize that "even in the time of sleep, banknotes are rushing in"!

4. always pay attention to new trends and opportunities to keep in mind that there is a faster, better or cheaper way in product production or service?

5. as far as possible to reduce recurrent expenditure. Good business, if the cost is high, and the lack of marketing, finally will also have to put up the shutters of fate.

6. you have to have an advisory body that can help you if necessary.

this team form according to your actual situation, formal or informal, one or two people to the Advisory Committee on a clear division of labor, in some "touts" it properly. Just as a legal adviser, a family doctor can provide quality assurance for your law, a healthy life, these managers can also escort your business success. No matter what the identity of others, university professors, consulting experts, business partners, relatives and friends, etc., as long as there is the ability and expertise in this line.

7. participate in the training courses or lectures, read about the book, a word: to continue to charge". Knowledge and information about marketing and business skills are particularly important. Because in the buyer’s market economy era, not only a dead end marketing.

8. believe in yourself. This involves the ability to correctly assess their own problems. In simple terms, if you think you can, you can do it, not others. Don’t laugh at people how bold, recommend