Wuhan Hubei’s first cross-border electricity supplier college students entrepreneurship training bas

this year’s double eleven just ended, according to preliminary statistics, this year the proportion of cross-border electricity providers to occupy the proportion of sales compared to last year, a significant increase in cross-border electricity supplier has become an important branch of the electricity supplier industry. With the gradual integration of the global market integration, cross-border electricity supplier has a bright future.

by the French investment company led the Wuhan opal investment issued by the bonded commodities trading center (hereinafter referred to as "the free"), 12, officially settled in the processing area of Hubei Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan export processing zone). This is also the first to carry out cross-border electricity supplier in Hubei college students entrepreneurship training base.

this was settled in Wuhan by the bonded commodities trading center by the French opal investment company to invest 50 million yuan to establish. Construction area of 8000 square meters, an introduction of the kinds of goods, including food, beverage, fruit, meat, seafood, wine, wine, dairy products, frozen food, rice grain and oil, spices, health care products, baby products and other merchandise. All goods for overseas direct purchase, imported.

now, the free trade has been in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, Australia and other laying thousands of direct or cooperative purchasing center, and overseas farms, wineries and factories to establish procurement contracts, guarantee the supply of pure. Through the direct participation of logistics companies, the use of Chinese and European rail routes, shipping and air transport and other different channels, greatly optimize the logistics costs, commodity prices can be lower than the market 30% to 70%.

the bonded imported goods exhibition and Trade Center is not only, but also for the current rapid development of cross-border transactions, the implementation of the cooperation between schools and enterprises, Hubei province to build the first cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurship training base for students to provide free cross-border electricity supplier involved product, platform, tools, recommended channels

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