Specialty store business know-how

talk about specialty stores, in the current number of countless around the country, after all, is not a daily necessities, it is not the business of the store. Of course, if you can master a certain business skills, so that the development of the shop business is also very easy, the key is that a lot of shopkeepers do not know what the store business know-how. So, what are the special store business know-how?

Yi Zhen source specialty supermarket in Shandong Qingdao District Shaoxing Road, operating for 6 years. Just open a shop, the main Yimeng mountain mountain specialty, in recent years with the change of scale and tourists, they in Yimeng mountain products, and increase the dry cargo and other commodity with regional characteristics, tea.

said the top three sales of goods in the store during the festival this year, the shop that recorded talking: colourful festival market has been very prosperous, after all, we pay attention to the reciprocity of Chinese! Our products store quality benefits, product selection abandoned before the rice grain and oil and other traditional products, but to cater to the current trend of social consumption, choose some special products."

said, Zhang Luyan brings me to the tea table, invite the author try to drink orange Pu’er xiaoqing. In the water vapor and sweet tea, Zhang Luyan said: "the orange tea is the highest rate of Xiaoqing repurchase goods, the product itself is suitable for autumn and winter, nourishing heart and lung, Runzao heart warming effect, green orange selects the best Guangdong Xinhui Citrus Production, Pu’er Tea is twenty years of Yunnan pu’er. This tea that price is not low, but relatively affordable, because a citrus tea can bubble all day……"

in the business, in addition to the reasonable arrangement of stock, commodity price ladder is a door of knowledge. In addition to the price in the high-end orange tea shop the most popular low-priced products are also many, black garlic, golden yellow chrysanthemum, yellow fungus and red dates Salted Duck Egg, Xinjiang. The shop on the table put a cup of brew good gold yellow chrysanthemum, Huang Ju in a transparent glass, stretch the petals, petals distinct, leisurely blooming, very suction eye, to the shop people will be attracted in the past nine in ten. Is the so-called: "normally open cup Jiuxian chrysanthemum, yellow green is silver."

In addition to

specialty stores across the country over the goods, but also with a special service. After the interview, the author in the store to buy the chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum. That the author is ready to give his grandparents, Zhang Luyan offered to help express on behalf of such service is a plus, not only allow customers one-stop shopping, save worry, also provide value-added services. Ask, such a shop who do not like it?

can be said that the boss does not take the initiative to seek what skills, just in the process of daily operations can be more from the customer’s point of view, will attract more customers, get more recognition, will make the business of the shop is more popular. So if you want to start a business

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