WeChat sells beef noodles to a monthly income of 50 thousand

a monthly income of 50 thousand, or through the WeChat sale, does not feel very unbelievable? However, this is a real case of entrepreneurship, it has achieved a 80 hot mom, but also became the envy of many investors have entrepreneurial objects. So, let Xiaobian to introduce for everybody, look at WeChat selling beef noodles is how a monthly income of 50 thousand.

beef and mutton in Hefei small volume of private beef noodles have been sold for nearly a year, according to his former colleague Chen introduced: first, we are colleagues. But now, she has become my boss." Monthly base net income easily break 50 thousand yuan.

for a 80 after the hot mom, housewives. Such income, has shocked many people, and his colleagues are envious.


, we grilled a steak roll earning 50 thousand story.

brave: resign, do what you like to do

Chen know small volume in early 15. At that time, together with a small volume in a fruit O2O electricity supplier company. Small volume is responsible for the division of innovation, white is innovative product development. For example, fruit nutrition lunch, fruit salad, all kinds of fresh fruit juice, etc.. All kinds of fruit to eat, it seems in fact very hard Shuangwai. To continue to toss, continuous research and development, not only to ensure the taste, but also to ensure that the color of the product. Perhaps it is precisely because of her dedication, like tossing and turning, the achievements of today is not the same small volume.

even more unexpected, she left after half a month! Only from the perspective of working conditions, department heads, a monthly salary of 8 thousand plus performance royalty, in the city of Hefei, this work is very good, but the boss loves her, because the subsequent explosion of products, all expect her to. However, she still resolutely resigned.

Entrepreneurship: creating a small volume of cattle and sheep, hot Hefei circle of friends

said that only beauty and food can not live up to. Shortly after leaving the small volume, began to venture. In fact, at the beginning, she did not sell beef noodles this thing, positioned as a business so high force grid. Just like the other girls, love in the circle of friends to show off their chowhound spirit. However, the chance of this thing sometimes really do not understand. Suddenly one day, show a show on the initiative to invite someone, and lost one hundred pieces of WeChat red envelopes, want her to help make a beef noodle. Later, with everyone’s mouth, more and more orders. She was so sensitive to find business opportunities. To create their own brand, do their own food.

cattle and sheep small volume of the main food is recommended

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