Where is the highest price in Hefei

Hefei as a second tier city, in the process of economic development, has achieved remarkable results. Its prices have soared, becoming a hot topic of discussion. Then, for the current high prices in Hefei, where the highest? You know what?

according to Hefei media reports, June 21st, the Hefei Municipal Land Management Committee held the fifth meeting of the directors, the Hefei real estate bureau, China Merchants Bureau, Land Bureau, Finance Bureau and other more than and 20 departments attended the meeting, Hefei will not clear the introduction of restriction policy, but will be the introduction of differentiated credit policy, such as raising the threshold Shoufu, the most expensive land for a month in the payment of money.

Hefei Midwest highest price

a major content of the policy tightening is the implementation of differentiated credit policy, the first suite of households (not purchased) to apply for business loans down payment ratio is still 25%. In some cases, the proportion of the first payment to apply for commercial loans increased to 40% or 60%.

in the supply of land, "Hefei City, the second half of 2016 monthly residential land supply area of not less than 1000 acres, the implementation of differentiated land supply policy, the housing prices higher, the fluctuation region, increase the supply of land". In addition, Hefei will enhance the residential land bids margin to not less than 50% of the total price, the reference "shorten the residential land premium payment time limit", "land prices more than the local history of the highest price (or floor price), housing prices should be in the contract within 1 months after the one-time payment".

Centaline chief market analyst

Zhang Dawei on the "First Financial Daily" said that Hefei policy tightening means that no past comprehensive easing trend, based on the market differentiation, regulatory policy will be significantly differentiated, underpinning cap began to appear, in this case, the rapid rise in house prices in the city, including part of a second tier and radiation area the restriction policy. The future of real estate regulation policy will be not only the city Shi policy, will be upgraded to a city policy".

it is worth noting that Hefei has become a new round of property market regulation in the first tightening of the central and Western cities. Since the end of last year, the rapid rise in housing prices in Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou, three coastal developed cities tied by the media for the second tier property market, the four dragons".

according to China’s real estate market platform data, in May, the average price of housing in Hefei reached 11503 yuan / square meter, prices have more than Wuhan, the Midwest has become the most expensive cities. In terms of growth, in May prices rose 47.69%, second only to Shenzhen, ranking the country’s top second. If according to the administrative area, Hefei Economic Development Zone reached a growth rate of 49.68%, Baohe district grew 49.01%, 48.52% growth in Shushan district. These three areas are in the south of the central area of Hefei

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