nnovation and entrepreneurship has become the theme of Rural Entrepreneurship

is now in the vast rural areas and there are a lot of business opportunities, at the same time, for many migrant workers who, now the public began to enter the era of entrepreneurship, in such an era, the majority of farmers’ entrepreneurial activities also began much social attention.

well-off cannot fall in rural areas, entrepreneurial innovation can not let migrant workers absent; policy "next step", in order to get rid of obstacles, and never let the real threshold wear off migrant workers entrepreneurial passion

on entrepreneurial enthusiasm, a lot of migrant workers. According to the Ministry of human resources and social monitoring of rural labor in 500 villages, the number of self-employed in the first half grew by 3.1%, higher than the increase in the number of transferred employment. Special research found that in some of the major provinces of labor exports, home entrepreneurs faster growth, such as Guizhou, the number of migrant workers in the first half of the year on year growth of 58%. In the country, in recent years, about 2000000 migrant workers return home entrepreneurship.

on the value created, who can say that migrant workers bring economic and social benefits is not high? Zhang Mingfu national model workers, migrant workers of the Guizhou Valley, through breeding quail, driven more than 10 thousand farmers out of poverty, let the home become a local "dream" first village; village farmers Liu Qingquan Harbin Wuchang City home, founder of farmer cooperatives, with 20 thousand farmers to grow organic rice, red brand, a business, a year income tens of millions of dollars. Some people may seem, their project is not "fashionable", not "enough", but the "down to earth" for farmers, most can get benefits.

well-off cannot fall in rural areas, entrepreneurship and recommendation

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