Open community store can make money

in the current investment market, a variety of business opportunities are constantly coming out, so that it is difficult for investors to make a better choice. In this context, only the real opportunity to make money to attract entrepreneurs. So, open a community store can make money?

if a lot of individuals, families, too many things at home, the cabinet is not enough, do not know where to put?

and decoration, moving large furniture temporary storage problems also make them distress. Now the market has emerged as a new kind of community warehousing entrepreneurial projects for individuals and families to solve problems.

and the input of the business can be small, it can be said to belong to one hundred thousand yuan of venture capital projects, but the benefit is not good, cast a net profit of about $one hundred thousand currently about $30 thousand – $2. Of course, you can increase the investment with the good or bad business.

There are many similarities with the

community warehouse business has introduced a private warehouse business, such as renting a place, dividing the space for customers to store, but in different places is two things: one, the market is more precise positioning, family services, so the rental place for the residents in the community building, more convenient for customers at any time to take things; two, investment is more low, because only need to rent a two storey residential building to do warehouse can, so the overall investment is much lower.

current community storage space ranging from 0.7 cubic meters to 20 cubic meters. The size of the goods stored in advance is selected by the user, and the suitable storage grid is selected. A 5 square meters of storage grid, can accommodate a room of goods, very practical. Community storage monthly, quarterly, annual rent collection, the cheapest storage of 298 yuan monthly rent, with an average of less than $10 a day.

two investment reasons, the most attractive high return

one is that higher returns. According to the person in charge of a private storage company in Chongqing community, the size of the community to rely on the storage of investment in real estate lot, but even the first tier cities prime locations, a monthly rent of 5 yuan. At the same time, a square meter of land can be built at least three or four cubic meters of storage space, and self-service warehouse rental price is the average daily rent of about $10 per cubic meter, relatively large profit space. In the community of Chongqing City warehouse as an example, the monthly rental income of about four million, which costs about 20 million yuan, investors about 50% of gross profit margins.

two is a big market demand. Community storage of the large market demand, according to the survey of a community storage company in Beijing, there are 50% family chores too much, and most of these debris is occasionally used, it’s a pity to throw away items for their community storage demand is very strong. And storage costs are not high, general >

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