Cooperation between the two sides of the youth entrepreneurship to charcoal change gold

with the three sides of cross-strait exchanges and frequent exchanges, the two sides to expand business cooperation opportunities. Across the land and the Strait, Zhong Lei from Sichuan and Taiwan’s cooperation with the start of a charcoal from the excavation of a different business opportunities in the market, and the cooperation between the two sides of the world, and from the beginning of the year, the cooperation between China and.

12 in the afternoon of 1 March, Mianyang Branch Chong Park City of science and technology innovation center two incubator, a dealer meeting is being held. Under the table, sitting dealers from all over the country. On the stage, the 28 year old Zhong Leizheng explained from Taiwan wood vinegar products and projects.

a charcoal   young people on both sides to sit down with

Zhong Lei change from the teachers to the identity of the entrepreneur, from December last year to an exchange of learning about.

to return from Taiwan, Zhong Lei Chen Weicheng presented a set of wood vinegar products. Zhong Lei and his colleagues praise this natural product. So the temporary built a team, using the field research of wood vinegar products in the mainland market, let them feel excited because the conclusion of wood vinegar purification technology, wood vinegar, mainly used in the field of organic agriculture, daily chemical field is blank.

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