Mobile phone business is hot to be ordered pork buns love

small partners, mobile Internet APP easy to buy buns! Or do the top 500 white-collar workers, door-to-door! Yesterday, in Chengdu high tech Zone Tianfu Software Park to work Miss Han, just to the door of the office, received a courier phone. Yes, she received a steaming hot online shopping.

original, 2 for large enterprises in Chengdu white-collar resignation, decided to do a real thing that is needed to sell steamed stuffed buns. Although the sharp drop in revenue was hard and not understood by people around, but two people about the "original intention was not for money, just to sell buns this thing to make them feel really need."

new popular meat package       Chengdu white tea: mobile phone ordering buns


"with the times baozi Inn ah, APP sell baozi!" Miss Han said, this "big" baozi Inn APP software, is developed, and the site can be ordered, mainly selling the three flavors of big buns: Guangdong, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork bun (full LO) package broth characteristic series and onion flavor of old Chengdu traditional. As long as the user to fill in the receipt address and telephone number, and then free delivery by the delivery, cash on delivery, and the usual online shopping is no different.

and general bun is not the same, this shop produced the bun are sealed, some printed with "JAVA" and "PHP" programmer language, these chapters are covered with red sugar, eat sweet. Micro-blog, a lot of people to buy a steamed stuffed bun have to give praise, often buy steamed buns regulars also was named VIP, enjoy the priority evaluation of new varieties and buy bags of snacks.

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