All the franchisor is not trusted

there are so many brands in the current venture investment market, some restrictive conditions, there are many requirements, only to meet before they can achieve cooperation; and some are almost no conditions, to achieve all the state of cooperation. In fact, if you want to join, remember, all join headquarters can not be trusted, not worthy of our trust.

is more irrational franchisors, more may be a problem. Franchise is a down all the pattern, a store problem, will be implicated in all stores. Formal headquarters in order to require the consistency of the quality of goods and services, the qualifications of those who join the very strict, including the threshold to join the funds, performance guarantees, purchase channels, etc..

Yonghe King Lin Youao said, Yonghe King absorption franchisee very carefully, in addition to the requirements of the franchisee has 1 million yuan in cash, the franchisee also required to have modern management experience, after joining will direct management of one year, until the store is mature and then to join the handover. A good franchisor often cherish the reputation, business headquarters for many years after all, not because of a store in a gilded signboard, and shatter.

on the contrary, some of the headquarters for the rapid expansion of the franchise and maximize revenue, the threshold is very low, or no limit. Some joined the headquarters in front of the franchisee said that as long as pay at first as if it were raining flowers, a very low amount can shop, but often derive many fee names; or exaggerated shop success and by the rate of interest, but for some details to evade the crucial point, to join gold will remain, everyone can join join "like mice as headquarters".

In addition, it is noteworthy that the time of franchising in China is very short, and the laws and regulations in this area are not perfect in

. Hong Guankang, vice president of the Shanghai branch of the Federation of trade unions, said in November last year, had brewing related regulations, but ultimately did not appear, because the franchise involves many departments.

to a convenience store, convenience store sales of foreign mature drugs, tobacco and audio-visual products is the bulk of the profits, but in China, it relates to the food and drug administration, the Ministry of culture, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and the several departments of each tube a set of regulations to each other, very difficult. In addition, the collection of income tax has become an obstacle, the headquarters, franchise locations may be different, which relates to the proportion of income tax levied. Obviously, the current laws and regulations have lagged behind the development of franchising, and the lag of the law has brought risks to franchising.

didn’t need professional analysis, we can know the fact that, if a brand cooperation is generosity, nature is what people can participate in the cooperation, this entrepreneurial nature is not much more competitive, nature will give people a feeling of defrauding the joining fee. In short, when we choose to join the brand, >