nventory of new market and business opportunities in rural areas

is now the country to vigorously develop agriculture, there are many migrant workers in the city are also have returned to their hometown to start a business in rural areas, also contains a large number of business opportunities, what what? Let’s see.

"entrepreneurship" has always been a topic of concern, how to find good business projects, to find a suitable for their career development direction. Many rural friends came to the city looking for new projects and business opportunities, but also will be found in the city development is not as easy as you imagine, because of their choice of projects there are too many people to do, but also because of the intense competition for does not have the advantage of the project had to give up, finally led to the failure of the people this market is very limited, the countryside is also a great wealth, at present there are still gaps in many projects, as long as the discovery of a new market opportunities can be good at research, here are some suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects for reference:

A, rural animal husbandry

with the hotel and catering industry consumption vogue, people pay much attention to the green carnivorous, especially in herbivorous livestock are mainly carnivorous in coastal areas, China’s Hong Kong and Macao welcome, rural development green economy culture is good, such as Cang mountain black goat breeding is a good breeding project, growth cycle in short, strong disease resistance, its delicate flesh, smell is low, and the meat is of high nutritional value, the current market supply shortage. According to the breeding environment in rural areas, barren hills, fields and other resource rich advantages, can be used for breeding.

City in the development of rural also change rapidly, with the improvement of living standards for rural, rural infrastructure construction is increasingly updated, rural road construction, housing construction and so cannot do without the automobile transport, and daily life also cannot do without transportation, such as daily cargo transportation, weddings and things transport and so on, for the purchase of a small agricultural goods business card is a market.

before the general rural fish market is more common, the local market is also very good, but because of the current farmland development, housing construction land for agricultural development, fish resource is less and less, this can be done by mountain terrain environment of rural areas in the pit, waste of farmland for development of fish ponds, rents the development of fish ponds can be issued to the local farmers to receive such fish ponds, but also can promote the development of related industries such as vice, fish feed, forage fish, medicine and so on, when the development of molding can be done after the industry supporting the development of leisure farm (such as fishing and leisure, accommodation, catering, tourism, etc.).

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