What are the company naming methods

even if it is the same thing, everyone’s understanding may be different, but for the name of this, countless people have reached a magical agreement. In fact, the shop open, top priority is a good name for the store, company, how to store a good name, is very exquisite. Confucius said "ascription", "its name will have in fact", founded the company, the purpose is to achieve good social and economic benefits, the company is not only a simple text symbols, and it embodies the epitome of or corporate image, corporate philosophy, more is a magic weapon for the survival and competitive market economic conditions.

customers will have greater appeal and affinity, in the establishment of famous brand, expand the impact of advertising and other aspects will play a magical role. "Good luck," any of the operators, to the company auspicious name is a must. So how to combine traditional Chinese culture, marketing, branding to the company?

: in line with the company on the basis of legal numerology hi God, in line with industry characteristics, in line with the mathematical requirements, legible, concise, easy to remember, the atmosphere, beautiful, profound, writing, conducive to the spread of novel, read and homonym auspicious, both traditional and fashion, fully consider the audience psychology, fully consider the enterprise culture, fully consider the brand and marketing.

shop, company naming method:

1, with property

property rights, property ownership. Any company or unit has the problem of ownership of property, that is to say, it belongs to a specific legal person or individual, or state. But not every company, the unit’s words, to mark the property rights. For property rights, property rights generally belong to the high level of the unit and the word. Because of the development of history, this method is not suitable for the present situation.

2, place name

place names, indicating the location of the enterprise. Due to the historical, economic, cultural, ethnic, religious and other reasons, the place names in different places in the public mind is not the same. For the economically developed areas of the enterprise, if the word with a place name, the brand can often be stained with the name of the light. Of course, the name of the place is not loud, should be avoided.

3, with products, industry


the name of the company, the name of the unit, has its product name and industry name, so that others know the scope of its business. Such as the production of children’s shoes, can be named directly to a shoe factory.

4, the generic term

in people’s opinion, the category of the word size. So now use larger words when you are a generic word

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