Put the stall need to master the three ideas

do not think that put the stall is to throw the goods, waiting for customers to come to their own, as long as customers have the desire to shop, to quickly reach a deal. A lot of new vendors are like this, I do not know, it is possible that the business is getting worse. Below, the small series for the majority of people who put the stall introduced three ideas, so that more people are more popular stall.

1, slow turnover to slow

novice always anxious to clinch a deal, anxious to collect money, for fear of cooked ducks fly. Veteran leisurely, customers are very want to buy, but also worried that he waited for more than two minutes and do not buy it? Have, limited. Clinch a deal to slow down, he did not worry about money out of the collection, there are more opportunities to stand on the more people around.

novice said, just so busy, a dozen people around me to buy things, you can not find help.

old man said, "I was watching. I want to help, the transaction speed must be too fast. Originally 10 people to buy things if you sell 1 people for 3 minutes, there are a group of people for a period of 3 minutes of the scene, this time is more likely to come to the booth. If I also help, 2 people will only need to sell 1 minutes and a half minutes, more people around the opportunity is much smaller. The real time of the customer is very few, I am really in a hurry."

2, calm attitude calm

novice meet visitor, is always polite, after all, the customer is God’s truth, the novice is very familiar. Veteran met customers, always playing with little goods, look at the customer. Do you want to make a counter-offer? I’m sorry, I can’t sell it. Are you in a hurry? There are a few people in front. Also long winded? You go to the other house to look for, than after.

asked the novice veteran know, "Goubuli" come from? Once upon a time there was a man, called the dog, he sold buns when the business is particularly good, busy, ignore people, customers see a good business, always think, what is the reason for his business so good? Generally speaking, nothing more than two possibilities, either a good thing, or your sales level is high. You have to focus on the goods, the customer will feel that this is not a good salesman, he would think that your things really good". For another example, I’ve seen a salesman in a Watsons. What do you think, "I want to fudge the money in my wallet?".

3, anchored

veteran said, this is not easy to understand, but it works, there is an image of it. Anchor, is the customer to see a product, the association of past life experience, the quality of the product, the price of all aspects of the factors. A BMW selling fake shoes, while selling fakes, but a lot of people think is the real thing. A stall, selling goods, although the sale of genuine, but most people still think.

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