Ma Zhongcai small entrepreneurial micro marketing story

each person’s entrepreneurial path is not the same, such as the hero of the horse. First, a new concept of "competition" from the writer, he’s not like Guo Jingming to do a media company, but ran to open the snack bar; secondly, the next line store opened up, he was in the main electricity supplier now sell vacuum packaging luosifen in your Taobao store, then leave the entity shop, still 13 days to sell 10000 bowls. He told the story of entrepreneurship small talk, ordinary, but it can give a lot of such small entrepreneurs who are a little inspiration.

2010, "the sea", Ma Zhongcai micro-blog marketing boost luosifen business. "Mr. luosifen" after the opening of business rapid fire. An average of 400 bowls a day to sell, within the next three months to recover the cost of $100 thousand.

2013 for the first time involved in the electricity supplier, is in half a year will be two crown shop, ranked first in luosifen industry. The entrepreneur has another identity: young writers, the seventh national new concept essay contest winner, Chinese Writers Association members. The />

2010 in Beijing opened a store called luosifen sir, very simple at first shop in Haidian District District, Jimen lane a vegetable market of small shop, there were only five tables, I even with only four employees, investment funds are also less than one hundred thousand, but take up most of my energy.

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