What are the investment projects that have little effect

many entrepreneurs do not have the initial venture capital or not want to find some small investment, quick and effective good business good project. Below, the small series for the majority of people want to invest in business people with lofty ideals, to collect a number of small investment, effective and relatively small projects, hoping to help you!

software industry

any software in Chinese sell are not good, here we only to buy genuine people. The cost of each CD is 9 cents, the cost of high-end software packaging, but $5, but the software is often the big head of R & D. WINDOWS98 sold nearly 8 years, the money is enough to re develop the WIN98 of the 40, but it is foreign. If Bill Gates was born in Chinese, that had long been starved to death or when the machine is still in Zhongguancun.

health care products industry

pharmaceutical industry


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