The failure to invest in color key

many people chose to go on the road to riches, trying to find some new types of investment projects to join today network Xiaobian to tell a story to join color key business failure for everyone, we can learn a lot of valuable experience in entrepreneurship.

color company franchise fee is three thousand yuan, the distribution of horizontal and vertical key machine, two sets of uniforms, four small jewelry exhibition, name card and posters and other items, the first purchase must be in the above three thousand key embryo, and the general key price plus freight and embryo loss is equivalent to 2.1 yuan. Xiao Li visited some key points, find the common key type of the goods, and to our company into some key bag, key chains and other small boutique, pay the franchise fees and loans totaling twelve thousand yuan, then in the center of the most prosperous commercial pedestrian street rented a room about six square the small shop, rent of two thousand and eight hundred yuan, the deposit is two months rent, rent for half a year. Xiao Li is expected to turnover of around four hundred yuan per day, product costs and sales costs of about $two hundred and thirty, net profit of up to $five thousand per month, you can recover all the investment in five months.

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