How to choose a franchise

‘s franchise business is hot, want to obtain long-term business, during the shop requires good pricing, it is also a very important link, businesses need to understand the product and the market, make the right pricing, do you know how to pricing? Not clear to learn quickly.

Analysis of

digital watch, brand stores profit margins indeed lets the human ears hot heart, but this simple price minus the purchase price of the algorithm, and did not seriously calculate and deduct the fees in the operation, so the simple addition and subtraction count out the rate of profit is not convincing.

investors know the profit gap brand children’s shoes children’s shoes and miscellaneous brands, currently in the city’s franchise store to choose more opened in the professional market, large shopping malls and shoes on the street, the area is not large, generally in 10 square meters. The main operating costs include rent, payment and salesman wages, according to the size of the shop to rent shops and the location may be, in general more than 1000 yuan to thousands of yuan, the clerk wages take hundreds of yuan basic salary plus sales of 2% to 5% of the Commission, the decoration fee generally thousands of yuan, high grade is more than yuan.

according to the industry, the operating season for children’s franchise franchise for 4 to August each year and from October to the following year in January, the profit is generally between 30% to 120%. New listing of the most profitable children’s shoes up to 200%. With the change of the season, children’s shoes prices gradually reduced, profits are reduced to 50% to 70%, to the end of the quarter, the merchant to clean up inventory and return the funds, and even guaranteed sales, then the profit is only between 10% to 20%.

‘s franchise pricing actually need to examine the market, products and other factors, if you are biased to these realities do not fully understand that pricing will always want to correct, it would quickly learn pricing up, hope the above suggestions to help you.

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