Five action plan to help farmers return to Chengdu Entrepreneurship

Chengdu City, as the capital of the province of labor output, attaches great importance to the employment of the labor force in the region. In particular, the development of the five action plan, will be devoted to support migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs to return home.

"opinion" is divided into six parts 22, enrich the effective in recent years in our city to promote entrepreneurship policy, increase the residential areas and other key groups for the poor masses, the masses of farmers employment support measures formulated to support entrepreneurship employment five action plan, the implementation of the new situation of my opinion do staff migrant workers returning home entrepreneurship employment.

strengthen the basic platform construction. In the township, village (community) to establish a business service studio or entrepreneurial service window, advocacy entrepreneurship support policies for entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial services. To provide "one-stop" service business for home business; accelerate the development of ofreturned Venture Park (incubator), support home business; to relax the conditions for registration, on the return of migrant workers for the project does not have the conditions for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, by the business sector to provide business guidance. To take the form of "entrepreneurship training + new professional farmers training + rural practical technical training", to cultivate the entrepreneurs who understand technology, management and the new professional farmers. Improve the entrepreneurial guidance system, enrich the entrepreneurial guidance expert service team. By the start of rural entrepreneurship training, to provide training services, enhance the ability of ofreturned venture.

on financial support, migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs returning established businesses, recruit staff with employment difficulties of college graduates graduation year, according to the provisions for social security subsidies and job subsidies. By the industrial and commercial registration

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