Xiamen second-hand housing transaction tax rate is amazing

government constantly improve efficiency, more conducive to the broad masses of the people. This time, Xiamen in the second-hand housing transaction tax above, high efficiency, has been well received by the broad masses of the people, we have a detailed understanding of the following details.

Municipal Local Taxation Bureau yesterday announced that since May 1st the full implementation of the "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot for a month, my city tax department has accumulated for second-hand housing transactions 7308, average daily transaction tax 333, warehousing taxes amounted to 380 million yuan.

it is worth mentioning that, due to the local tax department has achieved real-time information sharing with the land and real estate sector, second-hand housing transaction tax on average every 8 minutes can be a piece of.

according to reports, at present, the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau and the city real estate registration center all Cunliangfangjiaoyi tax information to achieve real-time online sharing, Cunliangfangjiaoyi tax "means to do that process: for taxpayers in second-hand housing transactions, only need to log in Xiamen City real estate registration center in Xiamen Housing online stock trading system" for the sale of second-hand housing contract, and in accordance with the real estate transaction types choose to fill the "Xiamen city housing stock trading information collection table", the tax department can be collected through the sharing platform of transaction information and online real estate trading center, greatly shorten the waiting time of the taxpayer.

in the real estate registration center accepts the window to submit the transaction after the application, the taxpayer will be able to Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau housing stock collection window for housing stock price for tax assessment, tax filing and tax payable tax calculation, POS machine credit card and deed tax payment certificates issued to pay business tax declaration etc.. From the assessment of the tax price to the end of the credit card POS machine, the whole window for a service, under normal circumstances about 8 minutes to complete.

in the process of economic development, in Internet plus time, make full use of the advantages of the Internet, realize the sharing of resources, is conducive to enhancing the efficiency of the government to solve the problem for the broad masses of the people, but also improve their service image, is very meaningful!

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