With the nternet plus integration and upgrading of traditional industries new vitality

Along with the deepening of

network in life, the economic development of our country into a new "Internet plus" era, traditional industries and emerging industries are beginning to open the field of Internet journey. The second Baoji internet conference recently held successfully, and decide the new session of youth entrepreneurship contest.


12 26, in the second Baoji Internet Conference and the first "Internet plus" Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, a new ideas, new projects have appeared. The same day, more than 800 guests came to the administrative center of Weibin district to participate in the event, after fierce competition, the 22 entries in the "prism network" UAV project and Guo Fengchao’s "flower vegetable" project eventually won the entrepreneurial and creative group champion.

the highlight of the conference "Internet plus" Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the contest theme is "E youth, create a better future", a total of 22 projects were to participate in business group and creative group final. The project mainly includes: Internet plus new formats, Internet plus traditional industries, Internet plus public service, Internet plus technical support platform etc.. Win the finals of the project can be priority settled in Weibin Internet innovation and entrepreneurship incubator base. Competition will further promote the excellent Internet innovation and entrepreneurship projects in our city incubator, growth, stimulate public entrepreneurship, innovation and vitality of the people, and promote regional economic development.

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