Test your restaurant for hunger marketing

mentioned that many people will think of hunger marketing millet mobile phone, have to admit, millet can be described as the hunger marketing hunger marketing is actually reach the acme of perfection, in many fields, such as food and beverage industry, but not all restaurants are suitable for this promotion methods.


: details of their own yard, the door without any signs and think this is a restaurant logo, one time a day reception table, all forms of packages, diners can not own a single point, need to make an appointment in advance to their temporary no seat.

Case two:

carved sirloin

details: opened six months ago has not been open beta stage, free artist celebrities and network account, and have them published articles or micro-blog on the internet.

"in the beta stage, carved sirloin invited many stars and delicacy and Master both inside and outside the new media account to try, these people on the network, especially micro-blog published countless blog posts all let diners think this restaurant is not in general, let everyone must try the idea.

God carved "beta" significance is recommended

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