Talking about the commercial competition behind father 2

last year, a parent-child program Daddy where to attract the attention of millions of people, people’s topic is almost occupied by the adorable baby on television. At the beginning of this month, many men still cheer the world cup, the circle of friends recently reported last year, a female friend "howling" Shuabing for Dad where to go. Blink of an eye, Daddy where to go, and then open the journey, the circle of friends and the moment they were adorable baby 2.

Methods: a combined


the latest press releases, 360 claimed that their search market share stable at around 26%. 360 and 360 is also pushing the vertical search portal + video aggregation platform, which is directly to the Iqiyi lifeline and pulled up a flow path. Specifically, the 360 film has a super flow distribution capabilities, its average daily PV visit more than 200 million, the average daily UV of more than 40 million. And the 360 companies will also use its own browser, navigation, 360 search, the 360 security guards, mobile terminal APP and other resources to push the father where to go, 2.

but "Dad 2" network exclusive copyright is Iqiyi? What should I do? In a word, the end of its smart TV exclusive copyright in the hands of the music as TV, so the music network has been claiming that they have exclusive copyright, look at this chaos >

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