Xiao Wenxiang’s store management

stores are located in different geographic locations, the business strategy adopted may be different. After all, different geographical location, the face of different consumers, people’s economic spending power will be different. In Hubei County, Xuanen, Xiao Guan Shan village, there is a cigarette retail households, it is said to do business is very characteristic, the author visited him recently.

mountain village about sixty kilometers from the county seat, is located at an altitude of more than 1 thousand and 800 meters in the mountains. The author of this area and delivery line, through the woods, winding in ninety-nine bends, about three hours of bumps along the way, the line finally reached the destination. I hung in the "Xiao Guan supply and marketing cooperatives mountain branch" signs shop stopped his feet, came out to greet him is an old man, the old man named Xiao Wenxiang – this is to be interviewed cigarette retailers. The author Xiao Lao explained what he wanted, so they launched the interview in a relaxed atmosphere. Through interviews, the author of Xiao Lao’s business through the following:

business to local conditions

in the mountains of thin, inconvenient transportation, poor information in the mountains, the goods must be ready to meet the needs of different consumer groups to meet the needs of different levels of consumers. Such as daily necessities: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, etc.. Production tools: plows, hoes, knives, shovels, etc.. Production: fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, film etc.. Demand for consumers. In addition, the acquisition of surplus food and other agricultural and sideline products, so that ordinary people’s agricultural products into cash, so as to enhance their purchasing power, you can also use agricultural products directly to the exchange of discounted goods. Tobacco, wine, oil, salt is the facade of the commodity can not be less.

to do business to open convenient ways, broaden sources

do business to consumers think, anxious consumers. A small request or suggestion of the consumer should be taken seriously and resolved in a timely manner, so that consumers will come back again with gratitude. To open up a new path to develop new business. For example, to help consumers advance due electricity, mobile phone recharge agent business. Absorption and rational use of social idle funds, so that they become rich while others get rich.

small business to make money, focus on long-term interests

business people do not lose, not petty, pay attention to small profits, especially the low value consumables do not be too expensive, so if your influence the sales of other goods. Second, we must talk about good faith, goods to be inexpensive, genuine. Business people to make friends with people, and many friends. They do not want to do small business operation and difficult business, it has a large market, collecting scrap, sundries, analogy native.

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