Opened in the residential building, how to earn millions of courier stations

e-commerce is developing rapidly, I believe there is a vision of investors must see the prospects of the courier industry. At present, more than 9 of the domestic express delivery companies from the headquarters – franchisee – contractor – Courier composed of the following four links. Only know the headquarters of the outside world, franchisees and couriers three links, the contractor (courier station) know very little.

the so-called express contract business, in which investors franchisees filed for contract area to express (can be an office building, can also be an industrial area), and the need to pay a monthly management fee of franchisees. Once the franchisee approval, investors need to recruit 35 couriers can operate.

choose only residential buildings   a house with the lowest cost

According to the Tianjin

A, the main business, also known as the sending and receiving mail, to collect the weight of 1 kg express as an example, the cost of 5 yuan (2 yuan list and delivery costs 1 yuan, 1 yuan and other shipping costs 1 yuan), the general charge customers 10 yuan, courier station can earn 5 yuan. At the same time, the heavier the weight of the courier, but also need to collect fees, the standard is 6-8 yuan / kg, while the courier station to pay the cost of only 1 yuan / kg. In addition, courier station every delivery of an express >

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