Small snacks big business buffet mode profit three jump

snacks (hereinafter referred to as leisure food) is no longer exclusively for children, with the accelerated pace of life, work pressure, snack foods become decompression. Strong demand for industrial development is huge, entered this line gold entrepreneur is in a continuous line, the 33 year old Wang Tingting was one of the early entrants who her leisure food store has been open for 5 years, less than 50 square meters of shops, the brim full of leisure food, three community stores around to feed her shop, now, more than 30% of the profit space for her bulging purse.

the walls all put on the shelves, only placed in front of a cashier, but the cashier is also full use of chocolate, chewing gum, put some small leisure food, the store is middle shelf, the store space to accommodate 1 people, almost only 2 across the aisle, this is Wang Tingting because love leisure food store, through the transparent glass doors looked eyeful are brightly coloured leisure food, like a snack food kingdom.

"shop in addition to rent, the money spent on the purchase of approximately 30% of the total investment." Wang Tingting said that customers are in the low head of the purchase of leisure food, so do not have too much luxury food store decoration, decoration as long as clean, giving people a sense of health can be. In order to hit, Wang Tingting will own storefront location in diversification, both for children’s leisure food, and people love the product, because the product is rich, her store opened a location within the region has become the most complete products, covering the level of leisure food market only a shop.

"self-help" mode of   enhance the sales volume of

Wang Tingting for love leisure food stores have a characteristic staff on her person, just sat in the cashier waiting for customers to come to the store checkout, no sales, no shopping guide, as long as the customer into the store consumption, are self-help mode, take a basket to pick up yourself. Checkout, this free purchase mode is well received by customer recognition, this is her secret weapon.

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