Legendary bakery 60 thousand monthly revenue

baking food not only taste good, but also has a high nutritional value, is a lot of chowhound’s choice and if you want to do business, choose a good brand of baking agent should be very good, do not know how to operate? Today, we bring a month to 60 thousand of the revenue of the legendary bakery successful experience, I hope to help. The number of

this store is known as the "Tianjin bakers baking DIY heaven". Because here, only you can not think of the goods, absolutely you can not buy goods". The shop owner of "Seagull" (net), the store of goods is divided into three categories (baking ingredients, tools, accessories), more than 1500 kinds of goods, at home than I can store all types of goods baking shop are numbered.

why do you have so many things to prepare? "Seagull" laugh, to meet the market demand, now more and more people like DIY baking, can be in the market to provide related products rarely, several supermarkets in Tianjin city with the most famous, but ten or twenty kinds of related products, to meet the demands of customers. This is one of the reasons why the price is not the cheapest, but it can attract a large number of customers.

1500 a variety of goods, which requires a lot of channels to purchase ah! "Seagull" said, this is not difficult, first of all, there are many baked goods manufacturers, in addition to their go Super channels, is working with the baking shop, and the goods are consigned, operators do not have the purchase costs; secondly, although some of the ingredients in the mainland is not good procurement, but in Hongkong, Macao can purchase, both for historical reasons, the food and beverage industry developed, baking ingredients not only complete, the price is also cheaper than the mainland, and the two are related to the trade company (through the network check can be found), the purchase is very convenient.

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