ntegrated ceiling franchise business skills

now the rapid development of home improvement industry market, integrated ceiling as an important part of home improvement, investment in such a project is a good choice. But for incense to do the project of integrated ceiling investors, how to manage their own integrated franchise? Also need to master the business knowledge:

integrated ceiling franchise business skills, to create a store image

store image is the carrier of the brand. Good image can better maintain the grade of the brand, enhance the added value of the brand. Now integrated ceiling industry development time is short, the lack of a mature business atmosphere, so many ceiling shops do not pay much attention to the image of the store, which greatly damaged the brand’s recognition rate and transmission rate. The design idea of NON to the core of Nunn thousands of stores, store decoration style and display must be completed in accordance with the headquarters of professional design. NON close to give new franchisee Nunn decoration subsidy policy, to ensure that the franchisee investment costs but also help shape the franchisee stores in high-end image.

said that the details of the store after the opening of the work is often overlooked. The whole product is perfect, but if the shop floor layout messy, and the sample display is not clean, placing promotional materials are not standardized, these small details do not pay attention, will let customers feel the sense of exclusion, have adverse effects on the products and brands. The excellent image of the store is able to withstand the most discerning customer testing, which is the details determine success or failure.

integrated ceiling franchise business skills two, create a service atmosphere

often have customers to NON Nunn feedback, some integrated ceiling shop feel dead, and to the NON Nunn integrated ceiling stores feel relaxed, a desire for shopping. Why is this? First, the excellent shopping guide "living" elements to create a pleasant atmosphere for the exchange of friends, and warm and friendly shopping guide can give people a sense of intimacy, to stimulate people’s desire to buy. Two is the difference between hardware and brand. NON as a global cloud Home Furnishing Nunn decoration system leader, in the wisdom of the cloud application Home Furnishing networking industry can be described as the store handheld terminal is communicated with the background music system, not only the perfect demonstration of the product to be able to play NON Nunn soft music to create a relaxed shopping environment, the promotion of experiential natural sales turnover rate.

integrated ceiling franchise business skills three, enhance shopping tips

integrated ceiling field very professional knowledge, professional mentor role, which requires personnel must not only master the general guide skills, but also have comprehensive professional knowledge of the product itself, product characteristics, collocation method, more than our customers to understand should choose what specifications and style of ceiling products.


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