dentify the franchise chain trap layout to avoid the loss of entrepreneurship

stock market turbulent, tragedy happened, people think that the best way to get rich or entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial market venture projects many of which are beyond count, false to join the brand, entrepreneurial novices must know how to distinguish, to avoid unnecessary losses.

1, a bombardment of advertising:

they are costly, spend a lot of money, big advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, network, all over the country to attract the attention of those who get rich;

2, the cheater described himself as a very deep background, like a towering tree!

these hangpianzhe often put their company as a long history, and is established in 188*, large scale and so on.

after long years of evolution of inheritance, even to this generation, and modern high-tech combination, more shine. In order to carry forward the cause, even without regard for the whole family, oh no, is all the people’s opposition, decided to join the foreign! You can join the cause, is your fate…… (many people will continue to say: Thank you)

3, more drama than the drama, more moving to join the demonstration site

if you have already received, these moved to their company, well, just wait and see a show.

in initially to find out about you, miss you gentlemen began to instill some ideas, for you to calculate some figures in a book as you describe the future, the conclusion is: This is a recommended

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