Hu Zhicheng Amoy Shanxi agricultural electricity supplier pioneer

the Internet brought us convenience, it also brings more business opportunities, a lot of people are engaged in business after business success of the rich, in many remote mountainous areas or rural areas, engaged in the business of electricity providers who are constantly expanded, today we bring the story of a Shanxi business the.

7 days, 16 people to help farmers sell a ton of dates, the process is completely public, they did not charge a penny of the cost of 100. And through the release of micro-blog information, many large traders and companies also went to Linxian County for procurement. According to statistics, the micro-blog marketing, in a short period of time to promote the sale of Linxian County jujube 20%.

2012 in November, Linfen Jixian Apple slow-moving, he and clouds in the micro-blog to help farmers sell apples, they scored twenty-five thousand kilos of apples from Jixian, because before selling jujube experience, the more ready. The quality of the packaging box is good, convenient transportation and preservation, to avoid the case of jujube dates when the original moisture. When the beginning of the year to sell jujube, fewer people more dates, lax screening, some consumers recommend

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