Returnees entrepreneurial team to create a miracle in Shenzhen to promote economic prosperity in She

Thanks to the policy of reform and opening up, the development of

in Shenzhen has gained a great deal of talent. In recent years, the development of Shenzhen is to get a very good help returnees entrepreneurial team, economic development is getting better and better.


is located in Nanshan District Shenzhen high tech Zone in a high, a brown glass building, "Osama" two characters to fold flash. And countless innovative companies in Shenzhen, they have a great dream, carrying a generation of glory and mission.

1956 August, Xu Xiping was born in Mingguang City, Chuzhou, an ordinary family in Anhui. At the age of 17, as the intellectual youth rustication he made the name "barefoot doctor". 4 years of career let him on the bottom of the barefoot doctors, farmers feel pain.

1977 college entrance examination, Xu Xiping entered Medical University Of Anhui to study. Xu Xiping said that the era of college students by the influence of Chen Ning Yang, and other scientists are particularly large, especially the envy of foreign advanced science and technology and laboratory, organic recommendation, such as the introduction of the international science and technology, and so on

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