What is the name of the successful store

although the name of the shop is a lot, however, some things are successful, but some of them have a great impact on the development of the store because of failure. In short, the shop name, usually should be able to reflect the characteristics of the operator, or reflect the good quality of the main products, so that customers can easily identify the scope of the business of the shop, and the desire to buy. A good store name can make a customer look after or after the impression will not forget, so that they can increase the chance of repeat purchase, at the same time, they will introduce more customers.

a good shop name, will allow buyers to easily remember your shop, or see your name will be attracted. To achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion, while bringing some sales revenue. So, the success of the shop name should be what kind of? Let Xiaobian take you to see.

shop name given information must be consistent with the scope of business

reflects the operating characteristics should be the name of a shop should have the basic conditions, and a high-quality shop name not only to reflect the scope of business, but also to provide reliable information integrity. This is the only way to attract the attention of consumers, people have the desire to buy. We all know that the time-honored Tongrentang is a traditional Chinese medicine, so some pharmacies named "deyitang", this word is borrowed from the hall reflects the characteristics of the industry, but also can increase consumer confidence.

shop name is best given its cultural heritage and artistic atmosphere

a good shop name should be out of taste, Zha a look good, careful study will be able to feel the artistic conception is the best. The name of the cultural heritage is often easy to spread, if the store can even develop into a representative of the industry.

shop name is simple and good

is not the name, shop name stores or commodity name, one of the principle is simple and easy to remember, the store name is often the most easy to meet this one. In addition, not only in the words on the simple, in the structure of the word, the strokes should be simple, if there is not a word of traditional Chinese customers do not know, not to mention the name of the shop and remember the name of the store. So the name is simple and easy to remember, easy to spread as the first.

shop name to be novel, avoid duplication of

no matter how good the name of the shop there are two called lost value, so in the name of the shop when it is best to bring forth new ideas, into their own unique characteristics of the information, causing customers curious. A unique name for your own shop.

to the shop name but a real "technical work", but also the operator can palm >

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