With a home travel car quietly become a new choice for the people of Shanghai

now young people are very keen on travel, the world is so big, everyone wants to look at. With the development of the times, a new way of travel began to pop up, with the "home" travel, do not have a flavor. A variety of cars to help young people realize their dreams, but also to become a new market for tourism companies.

with the "home" travel, is now a lot of young people’s dream, with the popularity of the car, more and more people like the "sex" tourism. Reporters learned that, at present, the car is driving the car line products quietly popular, a lot of tourism companies aimed at new markets. Industry sources said, RV tourism in the tourism market prospects for development, to meet a fashion, novelty, personality tourism groups.

RV travel will lead a new model of leisure travel

it is understood that, with the rapid development of China’s auto industry, self driving car travel has become a new bright spot. Data show that last year nearly 4 billion domestic tourist trips, ZiJiaYou tourists accounted for more than 58.5%, up to 2 billion 340 million passengers, while the caravan tourism development in recent years has entered the fast lane, with an annual growth rate of about 85%.

in the context of China’s tourism consumption upgrade, RV tourism as a carrier is becoming a new form of tourism development in china. As a popular recently A new force suddenly rises., car and marathon, hiking, sailing, crossing, riding, it represents a new way of life to travel, meet is a kind of fashion, novelty and personality of the tourism group.

"car advocate natural, healthy and free living ideas just to cater to this trend, the charm of car travel is becoming more and more popular, the new travel experience brought to enrich our life journey." People in the industry believe that RV tourism in the tourism market has broad prospects for development, has become a new blue ocean potential of modern tourism development.

favorable policies to help car travel market rise

recently, the National Tourism Administration and other eleven ministries jointly issued the "opinions on promoting the development of self driving car travel" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

the "opinions" pointed out that by 2020, mainly built self driving vehicle travel destination and a number of public services, the introduction of a number of boutique car caravan tour, foster a number of self driving tour and camp brand chain enterprises to enhance vehicle products and the use of management technical support ability, to form a network of the camp service system and the integrity of the self driving car in the tourism industry chain, built all kinds of self driving caravan camp 2000, the relevant policy environment was optimized, industrial scale rapid growth, the development of quality and efficiency significantly improved, initially built up a cover

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