Wonderful names do stunts snack difficult for a long time

In order to let the

shop can attract people, now is a lot of shops will have a more wonderful name. However, even with more wonderful name, one may indeed attract customers, but this shop will also want long actually very difficult. Here, Xiaobian to introduce a case.

There is a snack bar on the road

Hangzhou Dengyun, main types of pasta, fast food. Those who see the shop sign people are always frowning: what name is not good, just call this? Snack shop is really shocking, called "bad face". Not only the name of this store is also a signature pasta, also called "bad face".

shop owner Wang is very young, only 23 years old, Anhui people, and more than 6 years ago, a single person to hang entrepreneurship. In 2009, he rented a store near accessible lamb dam. Where there is not much, not much traffic. In order to attract business, Wang left over right thought for several nights without sleep, decided to get some gimmick in the snack bar name, let the eye to drive business. In April of that year, Xiao Wang opened a small restaurant, shop called "bad noodles". Wang’s boss and chef chef.

to celebrate the opening of a friend saw the signs are shaking his head: the name of the snack bar from bad, and quickly changed it. Wang was very calm, he is convinced that this name has a personality, soon called out.

, however, six months down, the restaurant business has not been any improvement. Mr Wang is also a little tempted, but I comfort myself, maybe lots of good". So he started looking for a new store.

at the beginning of this year, Wang has found a new home in Dengyun Road store, the restaurant moved over, the name is still called "bad face". This time, Wang spent more thought, the exclusive launch of the two signs staple food: "bad noodles" and "bad fried rice". Wang chef personally. Here is not long, People are hurrying to and fro. lively, and there are a lot of customers rushed to the shop to patronize, specially "terrible fried rice" and "bad face".

"bad fried rice" reputation is not bad, but the bad face, there are fewer repeat customers. Some plain speaking customers unceremoniously on Wang said: "boss, you are honest, this face, taste really bad."

down, nearly a year of hard business, Wang finally began to reflect: "it seems that light induced brain a gimmick name not to do business, have to rely on you."

these two days, bad face is changing, even the boss also changed. The original shop owner Wang told reporters: shop has sublet, I intend to go to learn cooking. Next year, come back again!"

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