New Oriental Godfather Yu Minhong entrepreneurial impulse is not brave

entrepreneurial road, covered with thorns, every entrepreneur needs to learn. New Oriental Godfather Yu Minhong, was honored as the godfather of the business class figures, as a win in China, the judges fame, fans countless. Today, Yu Minhong, as a member of the mentor group, joined Ma launched a small business intelligence sharing platform – cloud program".

in the cloud, the fans once again saw the deep wisdom of life and rich Yu Minhong comments on sentiment. Recently, a netizen proposed such confusion: one of his friends is a senior teacher of middle school, wages and benefits are good, the children are 5 years old, but now the teacher decided to quit the job, business, hope to help users get the idea.

this post, drew attention to numerous, for a time, Public opinions are divergent. view. There are many users do not understand: iron rice bowl of high school teachers choose to go into business, is not the brain into the water. There are some users said that the iron rice bowl of teachers, civil servants into the sea business success stories abound.

"yangyan8791" and "test the water" point of view to get the most users support. He felt that this problem is not only positive or negative, after all, consider the proposal not to resign Different people have different aspirations., and use the spare time to try the shallow water depth.

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